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2006 Registered Owners Are Back

BIGgross has the secret sauce of data mining and serves you REGISTERED OWNERS – again – after you thought they were gone forever. Well, they may be gone for many auto dealerships, but in 2006, BIGgross brought them back for you! Legally! Once again, you can target your direct mail campaigns to owners of the makes, models and years of vehicles that serve you best! Your own badges, and your top conquest lines, targeted in your primary marketing area! Once again, BIGgross leads the way for impressive gains in your new and used vehicle sales.

2006 3-D Mail That Moves

Another technology breakthrough to grab and mesmerize your target market. Wow your prospects with the hottest patented 3-D MOTION graphic technology! Custom designed campaigns for your auto dealership are PERFECT for: Immediate traffic; New model introductions; High impact, time-sensitive sales; Special promotions; Even Aftermarket & Fixed Ops programs. SEPARATE YOURSELF from your lackluster competition! Get the “wow factor” working for you with this completely unique, fun and interactive, custom-developed marketing wizardry!

2006 Virtual BDC Marketing

Put the power of a professional Business Development Center to work for you WITHOUT THE HASSLE AND EXPENSE of an on-site center at your car dealership. Sign up for a BIGgross Event or Direct Mail campaign with Virtual BDC support and we will dial into 1,000, 2,000 or even more of your lowest hanging prospects and book white-glove appointments with informed, motivated customers who are ready to buy. Virtual BDC from BIGgross even handles your in-bound callers from your campaign – again, with professional, white-glove treatment. It’s another BIGgross innovation that allows you to avoid the headaches, expense and constant turn-over of an in-house BDC, while you gain all the benefits and additional, profitable sales.

2005 EZ PAY Elite™

BIGgross teamed up with Mac Baren Financial, LLC, US Bank and Skylight Financial to develop this revolutionary banking process that substantially lowers customer payments, and increases auto dealership gross profits by converting those once "impossible" deals into sales. It also helps you as a dealer to eliminate confrontational selling in your dealership, and gives you a virtually foolproof way to satisfy customers' monthly payment desires no matter what they may be. EZ Pay Elite™ dealerships can sell their customers the vehicle they want at the payment point they want without hurting the bottom line. In fact, EZ Pay Elite™ is your tool to actually increase grosses while also increasing your unit deliveries and CSI. Using EZ Pay Elite™, you gain a dramatic drop in the lost walkaways simply because you are happily meeting your customers wishes right from the start. You no longer have to flip customers to more affordable new or used vehicles just to meet a payment demand. In fact, EZ Pay Elite™ dealerships report an average increase of 20 deliveries per month, and average increases in gross of 30% from this unique program.

2004 Customer Cloning™

Customer cloning is the single most significant technological breakthrough in targeted marketing since the invention of the mainframe computer. Customer cloning uses the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the dealership's current customers to identify and locate all potential customers in the market who have those very same characteristics, and matches potential buyers to specific model-lines, to help dealers move the vehicles they most want to sell. Using next-generation production techniques, BIGgross personalizes creative to each cloned demographic to make the marketing message relevant and motivational. Responses of 5 percent and more are not unusual with Customer cloned mail. Cloning helps dealers target all of their other media more effectively, too. Customer cloning is the 21st Century way to target customers for the highest possible response rate, which increases traffic, sales and profits.

2003 Urban Marketing

Over 45-million consumers identify with the music, fashions and trends of the hip-hop culture. What was once a small sub-market exploded into a mainstream force that has shaped and defined young America, amassed buying power of over $1.5-trillion, and became a market that retailers across all categories must respect and target. BIGgross pioneered automotive retailing to this powerful new market by breaking the mold of traditional car ads, and reaching out to these consumers through the media and language they understand. Newspaper ads were replaced by street marketing teams, hip websites, entertainment events, hip hop music, urban dialect across all media and relationship building with urban consumers - black and white. Response to urban marketing in these markets was huge, and succeeded in attracting these consumers in record sales numbers.

2001 Staffed Events

BIGgross helped pioneer staffed events and dealer management services in the earliest days of this new merchandising and training phenomenon, by developing strategic partnerships with several young staffed events companies and providing them with the creative, production and sales infrastructure for their events. In 2004, BIGgross launched, OnPoint (, to better control the consistency and ethics of staffed events, and to have complete control over advertising content and sales practices. Since its launch OnPoint has grown into one of the leading staffed events companies in the country with clients from coast to coast.


BIGgross pioneered online lead capturing with, the first dealer-centric, dealer-friendly online finance site in the country. Originally developed in partnership with, Daimler-Chrysler's online finance arm, quickly became independent, and captured credit leads for dealers nationwide without forcing those dealers to use a predetermined lender, and also allowing dealers to retain their full back-end reserves. Since its launch, has gained over 1,000 subscribed dealerships, and logged over 1,500,000 credit applications, resulting in thousands of unit sales.

2000 Reality Based Commercials

Long before Survivor hit the airwaves, BIGgross capitalized on American's fascination with reality-life programming such as Cops and America's Most Wanted, and launched its own reality-based cops and robbers campaign: Mark Down. Based on the perfect anti-hero, Mark Down similar reality-based campaigns entertained and informed buyers with live, breaking newscasts, grainy security camera film, live at-the-scene interviews, and newspaper stories, all to bring drama and excitement right into the consumers living room. These highly popular campaigns sold thousands of cars until BIGgross retired the campaigns in 2004, by which time, America was gagging on an overdose of reality TV.

1999 Fully Integrated Multimedia Events

BIGgross forever changed the way auto dealers merchandise when it launched Drive $95 as the first truly turn-key, fully integrated high impact multimedia event in the country. Until then, short-term events were disjointed, fragmented, and in conflict with other dealership advertising at the same time. It sounds commonplace today, but until BIGgross launched Drive $95, dealers had nowhere to go to get a turn-key complete campaign package that had it all: Coordinated, matching newspaper inserts; newspaper display advertising; direct mail; television commercials; radio commercials; website tie-ins; and complete lot outfitting including mirror hang tags, posters, banners and balloons - all for the same event! BIGgross even included a 17-page dealer guide that included preparation and set up instructions, registrations forms and complete scripts for receptionists and salespeople. Since launching Drive $95, BIGgross has continued to develop and refine new fully integrated multimedia events, and remains the market leader in this genre.

1998 GenX Marketing

Gen X and Y, the children of the baby boomers, were the next great wave of American consumers, and nobody was talking their language until BIGgross showed auto dealerships how to reach them. Launching complete campaigns of edgy, groundbreaking print and broadcast merchandising targeted to alternative media, BIGgross' GenX marketing reached these emerging, affluent consumers who were brand conscious, and skeptical of any marketing message aimed at their parents. BIGgross' GenX campaigns (along with its Urban Marketing) continue to set the standard for today's smart automotive advertising, and are used by dealerships in every price range from entry-level to high-end luxury.

1997 Rolling Iron™

Nobody had heard of "credit score mailers" before BIGgross developed Rolling Iron™, the first-ever automotive campaign targeted directly to consumers based on their credit file. BIGgross launched Rolling Iron™ in tandem with Congress' passage of the new Fair Credit Reporting Act, which for the first time allowed advertisers to look into consumers' credit files for the purpose of making a bona fide offer of credit. Working closely with Experian and Triad Financial, BIGgross gave its dealer clients across the country a turn-key method to target, not just by credit score, but by the most refined credit criteria that actually targeted consumers who were most of the way through their current car loan, and who had the means and desire to make a new purchase. Rolling Iron™ pioneered credit-based targeted marketing in its day, giving birth to the "credit score" mailer industry that still exists today.

1994 The Immediate Approval Plan™

Believe it or not, there once was a time when franchised dealers did not want to market to sub-prime customers. In the face of nearly unanimous dealer suspicion and skepticism, BIGgross developed The Immediate Approval Plan™, the first nationally branded and marketed automotive campaign aimed directly at bringing sub-prime prospects to franchised dealerships at incredibly low cost per up. The IAP changed dealership attitudes nationwide, but not without a great deal of resistance to change, that required immense work by BIGgross to educate dealers to this cutting edge opportunity. BIGgross developed training manuals for dealers, provided lists of sub-prime lenders throughout the country, helped dealers set up their new sub-prime departments, and put successful sub-prime managers in contact with new department heads to help guide them through their launches. Today, you'd be hard pressed to find a dealership that doesn't work with less-than-perfect credit buyers. The IAP, which dealers are still using today, was there to start it all.

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