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Competitive auto dealerships all over the United States rely on high energy automotive events to charge up their dealership and bring in excited prospects at least once every month. If you ask them, most dealers who use this brand of automotive event marketing will tell you that they count on these automotive events to make their month.

It’s a tradition that goes back to the first days of advertising and marketing. Big automotive events – just like any other retail sale – attract consumers with the promise of discounted prices, unique prizes, and other special favors. The justifications you use for your automotive event are just about as creative as you want them to be.

Automotive event marketing can be very healthy for your dealership, or it can become an unhealthy crutch.

BIGgross Automotive Event Marketing Can Work for Your Dealership Too!

BIGgross, Inc., which pioneered high energy multi-media automotive event marketing over 20 years ago – and produces these automotive events for dealerships nationwide – advises our dealership clients that their automotive events must serve the following functions to be healthy and successful:

First: Your automotive event marketing must return at least 4-to-1 on your investment.

Second: Automotive events must help dealerships move aging inventory.

Third: Automotive event marketing must help excite and motivate your sales staff WITHOUT becoming a crutch that they rely on every month as a substitute to smart and consistent sales practices.

Fourth: Your automotive events must be teaching tools to educate your sales staff and management, and to reinforce the very best sales and customer service practices.

Fifth: Your automotive event marketing must improve your image in the market, and not cheapen it.

If you follow these guidelines, your automotive events will always be successful, and your dealership’s sales and profits will grow.

BIGgross events are successful because we employ HYBRID automotive event marketing solutions to reach your prospects, and to personalize offers to their specific wants and needs. Your prospects arrive – in large numbers – motivated to hear your presentation because you already proved to them that you know what they want, and you also extended an intelligent (not insulting), personalize offer to them.

HYBRID marketing employs 21st Century media solutions into your direct mail and broadcast automotive event marketing. Your prospects are smart, informed and skeptical. By reaching them through their preferred media such as permission-based email, wireless mobile messaging, personalized websites and virtual business centers, your automotive event becomes a convenience and a solution, rather than an intrusion. It’s simple: When you speak to people the way you want them to, they welcome your message and are much more likely to agree with you.

In addition, BIGgross automotive events incorporate unique auto financing solutions to your prospects such as EZ Pay Elite™ from Mac Baren Financial, so your prospects can buy the car they want at a payment they can afford, and you can offer a car payment to your customer that your competition simply cannot match.

Ask your BIGgross representative to discuss automotive events with you, and to develop a specific automotive event marketing solution for your dealership that meets all five of our success criteria.

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