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In the Old Days before the Shelby Act, automotive direct mail and automotive direct mail marketing simply meant ordering a list of auto brand owners and then sending them a letter about your sale. That was then. Today, automotive direct mail is a lot more competitive, and a lot tougher – and those old auto owner lists don’t exist anymore

Hybrid Automotive Direct Mail Marketing

Hybrid Automotive Direct Mail Marketing from BIGgross, Inc. makes your dealership’s automotive direct marketing campaigns more targeted and more personalized than they ever were in the past, even when auto owner lists were available before the Shelby Act ended them.

BIGgross technology gives you automotive direct mail so advanced that, not only does your prospect get a personal offer about the car or truck he actually owns today, that offer EVEN HAS A PICTURE OF HIS VEHICLE.

It’s a technological breakthrough that you get only from BIGgross.

There’s more! BIGgross brings your automotive direct mail into the 21st Century by combining it with New Media such as wireless mobile messaging; permission-based email; personalized websites that are unique to each and every prospect; and human, friendly and personal virtual business centers that extend personal invitations directly to your prospects.

It all adds up to automotive direct mail that cuts through the clutter, and gets past all of today’s filters that block out most of today’s marketing and advertising. Because, if you want to reach today’s sophisticated, informed and skeptical consumers, you have to use today’s automotive direct mail technologies.

The old automotive direct marketing lists are gone. The old letters are tired. But there is a bright and exciting solution to bring a steady stream of informed, qualified and motivated buyers to your dealership. Call BIGgross today for in-depth details about how we use all of today’s advances to make your automotive direct mail more effective than ever before – and have your competition scratching their heads in wonder.

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