BIGgross – Automotive Advertising and Marketing that works!

Your dealership relies on effective, consumer-oriented automotive advertising to bring a steady stream of qualified, motivated prospects to your store. Satisfied prospects are the life’s blood of your dealership, and automotive advertising is the heart that pumps it. Without smart, appealing automotive advertising, the steady flow of prospects to your dealerships will slow to a drip.

Automotive Advertising That Works

If you are like most dealers, you are constantly searching for automotive advertising that works! It must be aggressive, because your competition is aggressive. It must be clear and convincing because your customers are the most educated consumers in history, with immediate access to information about your product and what it should cost. Your automotive advertising must be personal because today’s consumers insist on being treated with respect and courtesy. (The old days of slap-dash auto sales are over!) And your automotive advertising must clear the miles and miles of red tape and consumer-oriented regulations that are growing throughout the United States.

And perhaps most important of all, your automotive advertising must reach your prospect at a time when it’s becoming harder and harder to do that. Consumers today have sophisticated tools to help them duck advertising messages, and it takes even greater sophistication to get past those filters so your prospects see your automotive advertising – without being offended!

The solution is simpler than you might think. BIGgross, Inc. incorporates the very latest technology and media innovations into your automotive advertising campaigns, and matches them with more traditional media to give you multiple points of access to your prospects. Along with 20th Century media such as television, radio and print, BIGgross reaches your prospects through 21st Century media such as personalized, permission-based email, wireless mobile messaging, personalized websites with targeted messages unique to each of your prospects, and virtual business development centers that extend friendly, human, personalized white glove invitations to your prospects.

BIGgross develops and executes your dealership’s automotive advertising with the same personal approach that we insist your extend to your consumer. Your campaigns emphasize the offers that your prospects can get only from your dealership. Then, your offers are personalized precisely to your prospect so that he/she is impressed by the advantages that are tailor made to his wants and needs – and that he can’t get anywhere else.

Today’s consumers are sharp, educated and skeptical. Don’t insult them with last century’s automotive advertising. Impress and entice them with today’s media and personalized approach. Let them know that you understand what they want and need, and that you have it for them today. Grow your steady stream of qualified, motivated prospects with smart and effective automotive advertising from BIGgross.

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