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There was a time, way back in the past, when automotive mailers brought four, five, even seven percent response! Automotive mailer companies had access to automotive registration data directly from the local Department of Motor Vehicles, and an auto mailer was practically an iron-clad guarantee of big sales and high profits.

There was a time …

Today, the world is different, and automotive mailers have to work – just like you – in a hyper-competitive market that is absolutely saturated with auto mailers from desperate dealers. You probably are contacted every day by a slew of automotive mailer companies that offer you the world. The truth is that most deliver disappointing results if they deliver anything at all.

Automotive Mailers from BIGgross

BIGgross, Inc. has been producing successful automotive mailers for over 20 years, and stands out as a pioneer throughout those decades in every new innovation in auto mailer breakthroughs and technology. It’s barely a proper description to lump BIGgross among other so-called automotive mailer companies because we are actually an automotive marketing, technology and dealer services firm that includes automotive mailers among our extensive repertoire of dealership marketing solutions.

BIGgross supports your auto mailer solution with a host of 21st Century marketing and technology success builders including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Proprietary lists that DO target your mail to specific vehicle owners by make, model, year – and more.
  • Highly personalized messages that speak directly to the vehicle’s owner about what he/she owns, and makes specific, attractive and intelligent offers that target specifically what your prospect wants.
  • Unique auto financing solutions such as EZ Pay Elite™ from Mac Baren Financial , thatFinancial that gives your prospect point a payment that your competition absolutely cannot reach.
  • HYBRID automotive mailers that other automotive mailer companies simply don’t understand or offer. HYBRID automotive mailers synergize your auto mailer with one or more new media technologies such as permission-based email, highly personalized websites, wireless mobile messaging and virtual business development centers that extend human, friendly and inviting offers to your prospects.
  • Over 20 years of automotive marketing research and nationwide success. Your auto mailer is a powerhouse of in-depth research and insight into today’s consumers, the media they use, and the offers they believe.

BIGgross supports your auto mailer solution with a host of 21st Century marketing and technology success builders including (but certainly not limited to):

Talk to your BIGgross representative about how to make your next auto mailer a powerful success that attracts motivated, trusting prospects to your dealership. Demand specifics about YOUR auto mailer and YOUR dealership. Your BIGgross representative will be happy to give them to you.

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