BIGgross – Automotive Advertising and Marketing that works!

Ask just about any dealer today what is the toughest part of his automotive dealership marketing today, and he’ll tell you it’s finding something that WORKS! Ask the dealer what he wants his automotive dealership marketing to accomplish, and he’ll tell you it has to bring him traffic TODAY!

Automotive Dealership Marketing That Delivers Results

The marketplace is more competitive and more fragmented than ever before. Looking ahead, that trend is only going to grow. So, while dealers today are very familiar with their challenges, the solution to effective automotive dealership marketing seems to be elusive.

Here are some things for you, as a dealer or manager, to consider about your automotive dealership marketing:

    1. The competition IS intense. There are more badges than ever before, and that number is going to grow as China and India enter the U.S. market.
    2. Consumers are educated, informed and skeptical. Market research reports that nearly 80 percent of automotive buyers check the internet before going to a dealership. (Does your automotive dealership marketing take advantage of this?)
    3. Consumers insist on professional and courteous treatment. If your automotive dealership marketing does not treat your prospects as individuals from the very start, you will lose a lot of them to your competition. Your prospects have too many choices to put up with anything but the very best treatment.
    4. It’s tougher than ever to use Old Media to get your prospect’s attention. Digital video recorders mean that most viewers just fast forward past your TV ads; Radio stations are so fragmented today that you can’t buy enough to reach your audience effectively – and that doesn’t even address satellite radio; Newspaper circulation is dropping like a stone; Direct mail is just about all that’s certain to get into your prospect’s hands – and that medium for automotive dealership marketing is becoming saturated.

There are 21st Century solutions, though. BIGgross, Inc. delivers your automotive dealership marketing with sophisticated, personalized message to each of your prospects using the latest breakthroughs in technology and NEW MEDIA.

You simply cannot compete in today’s marketplace unless you are using these media, including: Personalized wireless mobile messaging; personalize websites that give your prospects information that is individually unique to them; personalized, permission-based email; and personalized, human and friendly virtual business centers. BIGgross is the innovator and first-mover in each of these media (along with Old Media) to cut through clutter and roadblocks in automotive dealership marketing and deliver your unique, personalized offer directly to your prospects.

Today’s marketplace is too competitive to be old-fashioned and cavalier about your automotive dealership marketing. Come into the 21st Century with BIGgross and fill your showroom with qualified, motivated prospects.

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