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Ask most automotive marketing professionals who have been in the business for more than 10 years what it was like in the “old days,” and they’ll immediately get a far-away look in their eyes and wistfully tell you about automotive marketing advertising that consisted of nothing more than a weekly newspaper ad, and maybe a radio commercial “to back it up.” (Television was for the Big Players!)

That was then. This is now. Today, any automotive marketing company that earns its pay is constantly pushing its clients to invest its automotive marketing dollars into the new media, because that’s where car buyers can be found.

Car buyers also can be found in the newspaper – but in fewer and fewer numbers, and also buyers for fewer and fewer product lines. The truly professional automotive marketing consultant who is paying attention (and who isn’t lazy!) advises his dealership clients of the real-world facts that newspaper circulations are dropping every day. That’s something that most dealers already know. But perhaps even more important to your automotive marketing consultant and to dealerships who care about their automotive marketing is the fact that the remaining newspaper readers are getting increasingly older. Younger car buyers – the market that automotive marketing advertising must capture today, to insure loyal buyers in the future, simply do NOT read the newspaper. They get their information on line, and through wireless mobile technology, and that’s where you and your automotive marketing consultant must go to reach and influence them.

As a leading automotive marketing company in the United States, BIGgross, Inc. has been successfully guiding its dealership clients into online automotive marketing since before the millennium. BIGgross introduced, the first dealer-friendly online finance site in 2000, and successfully began capturing online finance applications for several hundred of its dealership clients long before other “lead generating” sites appeared. is still generating thousands of leads for its dealerships today. Your automotive marketing advertising today must incorporate several media to establish numerous points of contact with your prospects if you want any hope of getting their attention and influencing them to shop at your dealership.

BIGgross automotive marketing advertising brings together the power of new technologies such as wireless mobile messaging; highly personalized websites; permission-based email; and virtual business centers that extend friendly, human and believable invitations to your prospects to bring them to your showroom predisposed to take advantage of your offers. HYBRID automotive marketing advertising produces a STEADY STREAM OF TRAFFIC to you store with technology that has extended impact, rather than the one-day, one-hit wonders of old media such as newspapers.

Be sure that as a leading automotive marketing consultant, BIGgross is not recommending that you drop your print, radio and television. As an automotive marketing company that cares about your success, we advise you where it works, and where it doesn’t. Newspaper and broadcast are simply too expensive to employ without discretion in your automotive marketing advertising. As a rule of thumb, you should reduce your investments in Newspaper and broadcast, and increase your penetration in mobile wireless, permission-based email, personalized websites and virtual business development centers.

Your HYBRID automotive marketing also should employ key consumer services such as automotive finance services like EZ Pay Elite™ from Mac Baren Financial. EZ Pay Elite is the patent-pending auto financing assistance plan that allows consumers to buy the car they want at the payment they can afford.

Call your automotive marketing consultant at BIGgross for more information – and specific recommendations for your dealership – about HYBRID automotive marketing.

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