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OnPoint Multi Dimensional Selling – Fully Integrated Multi-media Advertising Campaigns

Auto Staffed Sales Events

Your customized OnPoint fully integrated multi-media advertising campaign creates deep reach and penetration into your market, increased incremental grosses and unit sales, high CSI, and gains in long-term sales through skillful, high-energy training that really sticks!

Every OnPoint auto staffed sales event team consists of the "who's who" of seasoned, proven automotive professionals who practice the highest standards of sales and customer satisfaction. OnPoint teams include a Team Leader/Trainer, Desk Manager, F&I Director, Closer, and as many additional salespersons as you will need to properly staff your event.

Because your store is unique, OnPoint implements a custom training module that gives your sales team the critical skills, advanced closing techniques, and the secrets of the 4-Square that produce a new confidence essential for long-term success in today's highly competitive, highly regulated retail automotive profession.

Your automotive dealership's sales team will learn the most current, advanced sales and closing methods for producing clean, high-grossing sales and top scoring customer satisfaction from the OnPoint staffed event. Every OnPoint auto staffed event Team is continuously updated on regulatory guidelines, and follows all the critical steps necessary for compliance. With this knowledge and real-life, hands-on experience throughout the event, your own automotive dealership's sales staff gains new proficiency that will pay you back in residual sales long after your OnPoint staffed event has entered the record books.

Exclusive territories are selling out fast. Call your OnPoint producer now to check on availability and to get your store on the fast track to increased CSI and profitability - GUARANTEED!

OnPoint 2006 Results - You Can't Deny the Facts!
11,663 - Units Sold YTD
$8,655,397 - Invested
59,816 - Ups Generated
$43, 276,986 - 2006 Gross Profit
5 x 1 - ROI
  - Less than .5 Percent Chargebacks
EZ PAY Elite EZ PAY Elite ™ Increase NEW and used car grosses by 30 percent !
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