BIGgross Results

You Can't Deny the Facts!

  • 11,663 Units Sold YTD
  • $8,655,397 Invested
  • 59,816 Ups Generated
  • $43, 276,986 2006 Gross Profit
  • ROI 5 x 1
  • Less than .5 Percent Chargebacks
Success Stories

"When I became involved with BIGgross, it enlightened me to what type of traffic you really can generate with advertising. What I originally did was start with the events. The first five months, we set records each month. Five straight months in a row. We never did that before."
General Manager
Georgia multi-point dealership
"After six straight months using BIGgross high impact sales events, we went to two a month and saw the units go through the roof. BIGgross revolutionized our entire approach to marketing and advertising. We eventually gave them our entire advertising budget of over $60,000 a month. That was four years ago."
General Manager
Maryland Ford Dealer
"We believe so much in the BIGgross team that I locked up all the BIGgross products exclusively for a year. No way my competitors are getting this edge."
General Manager
Washington Chevrolet Dealer
"I first started with BIGgross with their online lead generator. It really helped put our sales over the top. Now, we are using all of their campaigns all year long.
Dealer Principal
Massachusetts multi-point dealership
"We are in a town of 20,000 people and for the past seven, years we've been using BIGgross and move no less then 80 units per event. It's a win win-win relationship!"
Dealer Principal
Arizona mult-point dealership
"We have been doing staffed events for over three years. Over the last 18 months, our results began to drop to the point where we were having difficulty justifying our investment. We gave OnPoint a shot, knowing that if the event did not produce, we would stop them altogether. OnPoint’s event produced over $200,000 gross in five days, and was the largest sale in over 18 months. OnPoint re-established our enthusiasm for these events. We intend to continue working with them for a long time."
General Manager
Arizona multi-point dealership
There was great excitement among customers and sales persons. Over $275,000 gross at about $4,000 per unit. I would highly recommend OnPoint. Truly a class act.
Kentucky Chevrolet/Cadillac dealership
"We interviewed several companies to plan, set-up and run monthly off-site staffed events for us. We selected OnPoint after comparing the creative and professionalism of each candidate. OnPoint now conducts two off-site events for us every month, handling every aspect of the events from site selection, permitting, equipment, security, marketing – every detail. We average well over $350,000 in gross per event, and are already booked out for the next three months."
COO Colorado multi-point dealerships.
The most impressive sale out of the gates that we’ve ever done. BIGgross’ strongest attribute was the hand-to-hand service and follow-through from start to finish. The campaign management was outstanding.
General Manager
Ohio Toyota dealership
After 12 months of using BIGgross to develop our campaigns, we increased our unit sales by over 250 units! That's over $500,000 in additional gross profit! BIGgross really means BIG GROSS!
Michigan Chrysler dealership
We move over 400 units a month at this store. So a campaign has to deliver above and beyond average returns. BIGgross defines a new level of expectation and results. I’ve been utilizing BIGgross campaigns for over 4 years now and they’re huge!
General Manager
Florida Ford dealership
We have used BIGgross events for our two Saturn stores. Last month we were fired up to sell over 100 cars! Being Saturn stores, we have maintained our Saturnesque marketing, keeping up with our #1 priority, SELLING CARS! BIGgross events helped us do exactly that. I recommend $1 Dollar Event to every Saturn dealer that wants to sell cars and increase their bottom line.
Operations Manager,
Massachusetts Saturn dealerships
BIGgross gave us the best ROI we have ever seen at our dealership. We’ve moved over 104 units in five days, leaving us ecstatic! We can’t wait for the next event to happen. This is the real deal, and BIGgross is truly ahead of the automotive marketing curve.
General Manager
North Florida Ford dealership
BIGgross has delivered great success and significantly better-than-ever-normal grosses to our dealership for both on premise and off-site promotions. We regularly use BIGgross events, and have seen consistent results without fail.
General Manager,
Ohio Dodge dealership
We have done an event with BIGgross each month for the past 9 months and each time, doubled our normal unit production for the four-day period. These are by far the best and most consistent producers we have seen in years.

General Manager
Florida Chevrolet dealership
“We did our first BIGgross campaign last June and had such big success that it is now an integral part of our advertising strategy and we have run multiple sales each month.”
General Manager
Massachusetts Dodge dealership
The campaign produced 10 times what we invested during one of the toughest months of year December.
General Manager
Indiana Ford dealership

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