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Automotive Marketing Service

The biggest advertising and marketing mistake most dealerships make today is hiring an advertising agency, when what they REALLY need is an Automotive Marketing Service.

There is a difference. A HUGE difference.

An advertising agency will make a newspaper ad, and even radio and television ads, and then place the media for you. Most operate on media commissions, and by marking up their production costs. As a whole, they are good people.

BIGgross – Your Automotive Marketing Service Experts

Automotive Marketing Service experts such as BIGgross specialize in the entire marketing cycle from Tier One, factory support right through Tier Three, the dealership level where you operate – and utilize EVERY MEDIUM AVAILABLE TO DELIVER YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE INTO THE CONSUMER’S CONSCIOUSNESS AND INFLUENCE THE CONSUMER TO COME TO YOUR STORE.

In simple terms: Advertising agencies are yesterday’s solution; automotive marketing service is your solution for today and tomorrow! It works like this: Today’s consumers are too savvy and have too many filters at their disposal to block out your message over traditional media. Newspaper circulation is dropping like a stone, while radio is too fragmented (and losing listeners to commercial free services like XM and Sirius). Television is fragmented among all the cable networks, while its rates are going up – and your message is bypassed by all the consumers who are using Tivo and Digital Recording Devices. You probably have one in your own home.

For the most part, traditional advertising agencies are still trying to reach new wine (your prospects) via old wineskins (traditional media).

But today’s cutting edge automotive marketing service like BIGgross, has studied, mastered and employs HYBRID automotive marketing new media to reach your prospects and deliver your merchandising message in the form and format that they prefer. HYBRID automotive marketing service brings together the power of new technologies such as wireless mobile messaging; highly personalized websites; permission-based email; and virtual business centers that extend friendly, human and believable invitations to your prospects to bring them to your showroom predisposed to take advantage of your offers. HYBRID automotive marketing advertising produces a STEADY STREAM OF TRAFFIC to you store with technology that has extended impact, rather than the one-day, one-hit wonders of old media such as newspapers. The world is changing. Automotive marketing is changing every day. You see it and deal with it on a daily basis. It’s up to your automotive marketing service to provide you with the latest innovations to remain competitive. Newspaper ads and radio buys – alone – just don’t cut it. Reach your prospects the way they want to be reached through HYBRID solutions.

Contact BIGgross today for a detailed explanation about HYBRID automotive marketing service solutions, and specifically what it can do for your dealership immediately.

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