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In a time of increasing Old Media costs and declining results, auto dealers just like you are turning in growing numbers to automotive direct mail marketing to bring qualified and motivated buyers to their showroom. But the growing popularity of automotive direct marketing brings its own challenges – saturation, over exposure, and growing skepticism among consumers. How do you combat that?

21st Century Automotive Direct Mail Marketing

It’s simple: Today’s technology makes automotive consumers harder to reach, and then more skeptical to your message even when you do get through to them. That same technology is your automotive direct mail solution – if you know how to use it. BIGgross, the pioneer in hybrid automotive direct mail marketing, combines new technologies and New Media to cut through the clutter and reach your prospects with highly personalized offers that convince them that you REALLY DO have a unique opportunity that answers their specific wants and needs.

BIGgross, Inc. uses highly proprietary consumer information to send automotive direct mail marketing offers to your prospects that are so personal that, not only does the offer discuss the vehicle your prospect currently owns, IT EVEN INCLUDES A PICTURE OF THE PROSPECT’S VEHICLE.

BIGgross marries these automotive direct marketing offers with new technologies such as wireless mobile messaging; highly personalized websites; permission-based email; and virtual business centers that extend friendly, human invitations to your prospects.

Hybrid automotive direct mail marketing from BIGgross reaches your prospects at their access points, and makes believable, attractive and compelling offers that don’t insult them but, rather, show them the respect and courtesy that today’s consumers demand. Your prospects are more informed and more skeptical than ever before, and BIGgross uses that to your advantage with personalized, customized automotive direct marketing offers that prove that you really do understand your prospect’s unique wants and needs.

The result? A steady stream of qualified and motivated customers – people who come to you with their defenses down (at least a little) and who are ready to be treated with respect – and to buy a car – and become customers for life.

Hybrid automotive direct mail marketing from BIGgross. The 21st Century solution to your 21st Century automotive direct marketing challenges. Call today for in-depth details for immediate solutions at your dealership.

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