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Turn and Earn Direct Mail Advertising
Tap into the richest vein of ready-to-buy prospects you will ever find, make them an absolutely irresistible offer, and then turn on the afterburners with our virtual BDC, and you are OVERRUN WITH TRAFFIC. You'll be closing and delivering units for WEEKS from your very first Turn and Earn direct mail marketing campaign!
Mail that Moves - Direct mail Marketing

Wow your prospects with the hottest patented 3-D MOTION graphic technology! Custom designed campaigns for your dealership are PERFECT for: Immediate traffic; New model introductions; Adrenalin sales; Special promotions; Even Aftermarket & Fixed Ops programs. SEPARATE YOURSELF from your lackluster competition with our unique automotive direct mail advertising! Get the "wow factor" working for you with this completely unique, fun and interactive, custom-developed direct mail marketing wizardry!

Notice of Recalculation
Notice of Recalculation
Every once in a while, you get the chance to capitalize on a completely new innovation in automotive sales. NOTICE OF RECALCULATION is your chance today. Up market, down market, flat market, hot market – It just doesn’t matter! Notice of Recalculation will ring your phone off the hook and bring in hundreds of targeted consumer’s ready for you to appraise their trade – and hear your offer on a new car.
Tax Season Special!
Tax Season Special!
Use this high impact, businesslike NOTICE OF EARLY CASH TAX REFUND DISBURSEMENT to reach targeted registered owners in your market with a message that absolutely compels them to visit your dealership.
Total Inventory Clearance!
Total Inventory Clearance!
The Greatest Merchandising VALUE for your dealership – EVER! Now, you can merchandise up to 100 of your vehicles in a single, high impact direct mail campaign for as little as 20 CENTS per piece, turn-key! No add-ons! No hidden charges!
Top Dollar
REGISTERED OWNERS ARE BACK! BIGgross has the secret sauce of data mining and serves you REGISTERED OWNERS –your lines, your conquest line —all of them. Name, address, make, model, year – they’re all there – legally! Now, send them an irresistible, digitally ultra-personalized offer using Mac Baren Financial’s breakthrough EZ Pay Elite™ payment reduction program in partnership with U.S. Bank and Skylight Financial, and you are buried in motivated and qualified traffic for high grossing sales. LIMITED AVAILABILITY! HURRY, BEFORE THE DOOR CLOSES AGAIN!
Auto Mag™
Do it once, or do it every month! BIGgross Auto Mags™ give you EIGHT full color pages of high impact merchandising and branding for your entire dealership. Sales and fixed ops are all represented. Drive traffic to your store immediately and for weeks after mailing.
Title Notification
REGISTERED OWNERS! BIGgross has the secret sauce of data mining and serves you REGISTERED OWNERS – and That’s not all! Title Notification sends these highly targeted prospects a snap-form package that looks just like it came from the Clerk’s Office, with a trade-in, trade-up, lower your payments offer that buries you in qualified, motivated traffic and huge gains in incremental sales! LIMITED AVAILABILITY! HURRY, BEFORE THE DOOR CLOSES AGAIN!
Power Packed™
Reach credit-challenged buyers and boost your secondary sales with clean, targeted mail that drills only as deep as you want. Bring in the motivated buyers that best suit your dealership, and sell more units without the hassle that poorly executed campaigns bring.
Immediate Approval Plan™
This time-tested campaign has been drawing huge response among credit challenged buyers for over 10 years, and is credited with moving over 200,000 high grossing units for dealers nationwide!
Video Mailer
The power of live video in 4-color DVD packaging covers your store with excited buyers! Automotive Roadshow of America's™ high-impact filmwork, credibility, merchandising and targeting bring you the next generation of video marketing today.
Fleet Release™
Target pre-owned buyers and move used units off your lot at higher grosses with this national campaign that announces huge rental and business fleets on sale at bargain basement prices.
Warning Card
Have fun! Sell more units! Eye-catching and traffic building, Warning Card hits your target with a bang, and brings enthusiastic buyers to your dealership with a message uniquely designed for your market and immediate needs.
From The Desk Of...
Use your ownership and management credibility to send a believable, response-getting letter from your desk to your highly targeted customer base. New and used sales soar with this highly personalized, two-part campaign.
You give us one customer, and weÍll give you back FIVE with this unique and EXCLUSIVE marketing technology breakthrough. Crack the buying DNA code of your entire market, and reach your buyers with the most highly targeted, highly motivational campaigns ever developed. Customer Cloning is 25th Century marketing available to you NOW! Miss it, and youÍve really missed the boat.
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