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Here's an interesting question! How do you pack four weeks of auto sales into just four days?

Simple! With a BIGgross Event, the high-impact multi-media blitz that helps you move more high-grossing units in a weekend than most dealerships move in a whole month.

Lets keep it simple. BIGgross events combine the latest market research and lists, high impact tv, radio, direct mail, web sites, lot outfitting -- and the dedicated advertising professionals to guarantee your event's success. That's the BIGgross promise!

What could be easier? You just concentrate on what you do best - sell more cars! Call your BIGgross Producer now to take advantage of automotive advertising that delivers with a BIGgross Event!

Hot New Campaigns!!!
Pre-Auction Inventory Sell Off!
Pre-Auction Inventory Sell Off - Automotive Event Marketing
Take advantage of the most engaging incentive-based-marketing traffic builder available today. Pre-Auction Inventory Sell Off uses an engaging and clever prize panel, combined with compelling graphics that grab attention, to deliver a highly credible rationale for your prospects to buy now at great savings. The offer is supported by an article from America’s leading paper - USA Today. Capitalize on the automotive industry’s slump NOW and capture market share from your competitors with this powerful used campaign. Sell more units in five days than most dealers do in a month. Click here to see why consumers are flocking to dealerships ready to buy!
Surplus Inventory Release
Surplus Inventory Release - Automotive Event Marketing
Everybody with a pulse knows (or believes) that dealers nationwide are overloaded with new and used inventory that isn’t selling. Capitalize on these current market conditions and consumers’ perceptions -- whether that describes you or not -- that now is the time to buy and squeeze dealers for the best price! Use this straightforward savings-based campaign to attract both new and used buyers who are excited and ready to buy.
Reprocessed Car Sale
Reprocessed Car Sale
Bring traffic to your dealership with Reprocessed Sale, the strong, consistent performer with over 10 years of proven performance in hundreds of dealerships nationwide. You don’t need to wonder if Reprocessed sale will bring buyers to your store. That question has been answered over and over again for more than a decade and thousands upon thousands of sold units. If you want the biggest used car week of your year to happen now! – call your BIGgross representative and ask him about Reprocessed sale today.
Shop Smart & Save!
Shop Smart and Save
Comparison shoppers get the best deals! So we do the comparisons for you - and you can’t lose! Of course, your competition, and conquest lines take it on the chin – and you capture the sale. Designed around Mac Baren Financial’s breakthrough EZ Pay Elite? payment reduction program in partnership with U.S. Bank and Skylight Financial, there’s just no way you can lose!
Rip Your Payments in Half!
Rip Your Payments In Half
Using Mac Baren Financial’s breakthrough EZ Pay Elite™ payment reduction program in partnership with U.S. Bank and Skylight Financial, your prospects actually see how they will rip their payments in half.
EZ Pay Elite Payment Reduction Program
National Bank Market Test
Grab your market’s attention with a straightforward third-party national bank spin for ultimate credibility. Combined with Mac Baren Financial’s breakthrough EZ Pay Elite™ payment reduction program in partnership with U.S. Bank and Skylight Financial, and payments that your competition can’t touch, National Bank Market Test fill your showroom with qualified, motivated traffic.
Direct to the Public - BIGgross Event
Direct To The Public
Combine the message of your successful sales, extreme urgency and the magic of large numbers to bring hundreds of motivated buyers to your store with one of today’s hottest natinal campaigns!
Pre-Owned Vehicle Sell-Off - BIGgross Event
Pre-Owned Vehicle Sell-Off
This unvarnished, hard-hitting campaign lays it on the line: Tough market conditions are forcing you "to send valuable cars to auction before they are ready" creating the opportunity for consumers to snap
up cars at "huge bargains before the auction gets them." Clean and enhanced with incredible
price-points and terms, this thoroughly believable campaign clears your used car lot at great grosses.
Drive $95 – BIGgross Event
Drive $95
This huge National event has been an automotive retail powerhouse, creating huge incremental sales for dealers coast-to-coast since 1999! Direct, believable and irresistibly enticing, Drive $95 is the ideal vehicle for dealers who want to move more new and used units at top grosses..  
Employee Pricing - BIGgross Event
Employee Pricing
BIGgross created this unique selling position over five years before the manufacturers discovered it! Now it’s time to win big, again, with this new car sales juggernaut. 
State Mandated Inventory Elimination - BIGgross Event
State Mandated Inventory Elimination
Strategically positioned third party credibility and powerful graphics convince consumers that they just can’t miss this is a one-time opportunity! State Mandated proves itself as a top performer every week in markets nationwide.
Bundle Max
With AD MAX™ you'll stop scrambling for the latest “idea of the month”! Put sanity and profits back into your advertising and marketing program now with the superior planning, savings, support and results that AD MAX™ delivers.
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