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Experience in the Automotive Industry

Since its launch 20 years ago, BIGgross has earned an international reputation as one of the leading creative forces in the automotive advertising and marketing industry. This is proven every day in BIGgross campaigns that consistently deliver increased grosses and significant increases in incremental unit sales for clients nationwide.

Full Service Advertising Agency - BIGgross

The company was founded by Eric Gerard as E. Gerard Advertising in 1985. In 1995, Sean Marra joined the growing agency's leadership team, and became an equal partner with Eric in 2000, when they changed the name to BIGgross. It was also the historic launch of the first B2B web-based advertising site for the automotive industry. From this point, the auto advertising agency grew to what it is today, a full service advertising agency, because Eric and Sean understand what automobile dealers need, and keep pushing to get the right results.

  • BIGgross lead the nation in special finance promotions with the introduction of The Immediate Approval Plan(tm) in 1995. The IAP is credited with more than 200,000 unit sales in the 10 years it has been working for clients.

  • In 1997, BIGgross took special finance promotions to a whole new level with Rolling Iron(tm), the first special finance campaign that employed actual credit histories to target consumers.

  • In 1998, BIGgross nationally launched targeted GenX and GenY campaigns to capture these emerging, affluent and trend-conscious markets for its nationwide dealer base.

  • BIGgross pioneered high-impact multi-media promotions with the introduction of Drive $95(tm) in 1999, a coordinated 4-day campaign of newspaper inserts, direct mail, radio, television, complete lot outfitting - and even a dealer preparation manual - that packaged every aspect of a successful promotion so that nothing was left to chance. Since 1999, BIGgross has launched dozens of similarly successful promotions including Direct to the Public(tm), Employee Pricing(tm), State Mandated Inventory Elimination(tm), Reprocessed Sale(tm), and more.

  • 2000 saw the launch and national distribution of, the country's very first dealer-centric online finance site backed by Daimler Chrylser's web venture and TranSouth bank. continues to capture highly profitable leads for dealers throughout the United States today.

  • And in 2000, long before "Survivor" hit the air, BIGgross introduced car buyers from coast to coast to reality-based advertising with the launch of "Mark Down," the perfect anti-hero who thwarts high prices at dealerships by dark of night.

  • BIGgross became a pioneer in perfecting and marketing Staffed Events in 2001. Today, our sister company, OnPoint, regularly brings in grosses of $300,000 to $400,000 during events at dealerships, again, all over the United States.

  • 2003 saw the launch of Urban Marketing campaigns for our clients in Urban markets.

NEW! Technology and marketing came together with a huge explosion in 2004, when BIGgross launched Customer Cloning(tm). This incredible breakthrough gives you back five customers for every one you give to us, and then markets to them with precision targeting that has never been available before. Learn more about this breakthrough in automotive advertising HERE.

NEW! Increase grosses by 30%, increase your closing ratio to over 50%, and entirely revolutionize the way you sell cars! In 2005, BIGgross rolled out EZ PAY Elite™!, which is selling an average of 50 units per month THAT OTHERWISE WOULD NOT HAVE SOLD at our EZ PAY Elite™ dealerships around the country. Learn more about this ground-breaking system in the EZ PAY Elite™ section on this website.

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